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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Spring: Climbing Roses and New Robin's Nest

Every day something new is born in my garden.  This morning as I left, I had to take a few pictures of the climbing roses on my front porch.  It's the first time they've bloomed since I planted them four years ago.  They're deep red and at least four small blossoms to the end of each shoot.  Now that I know they don't like to be cut back, maybe I'll get blooms every year.  Between the roses and irises, I have lots of color out front now, but the greatest surprise was in the backyard.  A robin flew from under the LadyBanks roses over my archway, so I poked around and realized the reason she was there:  a nestful of newly born babies.  Yup, spring is here!

As always, a poem to associate with my subject.  Today's choice is perfect:  Emily Dickinson's "For Every Bird A Nest."

For every Bird a Nest --

Wherefore in timid quest

Some little Wren goes seeking round --

Wherefore when boughs are free --

Households in every tree --

Pilgrim be found?

Perhaps a home too high --

Ah Aristocracy!

The little Wren desires --

Perhaps of twig so fine --

Of twine e'en superfine,

Her pride aspires --

The Lark is not ashamed

To build upon the ground

Her modest house --

Yet who of all the throng

Dancing around the sun

Does so rejoice?