Poetry and Gardening

Musings from the days of a creative writer/gardener with a true appreciation for nature, meditation, and poetry.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Balcony Gardens

It's funny that I'm coming back to this blog now that I have no garden and now that we're just finishing what I HOPE will be the last snow of the season, but here I am and I hope to continue, even though it'll be different from my previous blogs

I've moved from my home where I had planted hundreds of bulbs, trees, and countless seeds.  I think about those gardens now, and I could probably tell you exactly what's in bloom at this very moment.  The irises are starting in the rear gardens and beside the garage.  Jonquils are probably just about gone in the back garden.  And the roses are starting to get leaves.  There will be lots of new shoots coming out of the beds in the front under the porch and within the next couple of weeks, when people go by the house, they'll slow down to see the kaleidoscope of colors.

And I will never have the pleasure of tending those gardens again.

Yes, I'm sad, but I am continuing to plant flowers.  This time, though, they will all be on baskets that hang on my porch at the apartment I now call home.  And I hope to add some orchids for inside the house, as well.

So, things change, but they remain the same.